Some popular designers are called "Rockstar Designer" in the US. They are the hottest designers much in demand from famous companies. Some receive direct offers from huge companies and some built up their present positions by developping emarging brands/companies. We, LUCY, run our business as glorious team maximizing our performance and value whatever the scale of projects are, like such "Rockstar Designer".

Company Outline


社名 LUCY Co., Ltd.
設立 October 5, 2017
代表取締役 Ryutaro Mizukawa
取締役 Masashi Isobe, Bun Ishinoda
資本金 9,000,000 JPY
住所 1010054 Nanbu Bldg4F 2-7 Kanda-Nishiki-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan


・Planning, drafting, production, management and sales of illustration, commercial design, interiordesign, product design, graphic design, package design and craft design
・Website planning, structure, design, creation, operation and maintenance
・Software development ・IT business development, structure and consulting service
・Advertising agency and advertising production ・EC website operation and outsorcing business
・All other businesses related to the foresaid businesses